Steinway Sundays at 2:00 PM

Central Park United Methodist Church

Did you know that J.S. Bach and Frederic Chopin were jazz musicians?

The Art of Cool is about the art of invention in music 

from the Baroque era to the present.


January 16, 2022:  The Fanfare Room, 

nights at the Niagara Hilton  playing for jazz greats

Dizzy Gillespie and Sarah Vaughan

Come and hear the fascinating stories and incredible music of the street cats and conservatory cats of jazz:

Tickets are sold at the door.


Upcoming Programs on Sundays at 2:00:

January 16, 2022:  The Fanfare Room 

February 13, 2022: Tim's, The Bar At Harlan's

March 13, 2022: Kleinhans Music Hall

April 10, 2022: Life In The Pit

May 8, 2022: The Renegade Church

June 5, 2022: The Marian McPartland Collaboration 

July 10, 2022: 10,000 Hours of Walking

August 7, 2022:  Divine Integration

September 18, 2022: "The Art of Cool" Project


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