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2022 Lecture-Performance Series

The Art of Cool

Steinway Sundays at 2:00 PM

Central Park United Methodist Church

Tickets are available only at the door.
Sale: Buy one and bring a guest for $35.00, students: $15.00

On August 7th, Krista presents

Divine Integration

Jazz is a multicultural phenomenon that incorporates

the music of African, American, European

and many other cultures.

This program is about the cross-pollination that 

happened on American soil at the turn of the Twentieth Century

and traveled around the globe to become the world music it is today. 

Hear the fascinating stories and beautiful music

from Bach to Broadway to the Beatles, and how it all comes together 

in this ever-changing music.




Upcoming Programs on Sundays at 2:00:

August 7, 2022:  Divine Integration

September 18, 2022: "The Art of Cool" Project

Did you know that J.S. Bach and Frederic Chopin were jazz musicians?

The Art of Cool is about the art of invention in music 

from the Baroque era to the present.