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Letter from Marian McPartland, January 19, 2008

"I have known Krista Seddon for at least six years and have found her to be a wonderful friend and co-worker. She is brilliant at transcribing the music that I improvise on CD and she is, herself, a fine pianist who plays professionally and accompanies other artists with great feeling. Whatever she undertakes will be accomplished with perfection. I would heartily recommend her for any musical position she may be considered for."

Bobby Militello, November 17, 2023:

"Krista has been my friend and musical companion for, I believe, over 10 years. My experience at Trinity has been an absolute pleasure as she inspired me to play better and have a high level of communication with the congregation. Her skill on the piano as a player, composer and arranger, constantly amazes me and is truly inspirational. As a person, one could not want a better friend. Throughout our time at Trinity we would have deep conversations about music, over the wonderful coffee she would bring to mass. We were both anxious to explore verbally and musically new ideas and developed a non-verbal communication that lead to some very creative moments. Her sight reading and wonderful touch on the piano was like watching a ballet of dancing fingers gently, but securely, caressing the piano while giving the choir or myself, a platform to excel. In my opinion, she is one of the great treasures of trinity and the community in general. It was my pleasure to be a part of Trinity and to be a friend and colleague of hers for so many years."

Dr. Charles B. Kenyon - Former Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Buffalo State (SUNY)

"Krista Seddon is a gifted pianist and educator who combines these talents to provide her audiences with new appreciation for the composers, their time and their music. In her Salon Concert Series she enlivens the performance of piano works by classical masters and jazz greats alike with commentary on the history and development of musical styles and traditions and how these intertwine and influence each other. Her Salon Concert audiences enjoy a fulfilling intellectual and emotional afternoon."

Mrs. Dottie Irwin

"Holly and I had such a heavenly time at your magnificent concert. You out-do yourself every time. The serenity of the gentile DAR is good for everyone....Thank you for adding so much beauty to our lives." 

Mary Ann Hargrave re: McPartland Program at the Eastman School of Music

"Several friends who I invited to your program on Monday have sent praising remarks about it..."Music was perfect,"Impressed with presentation," "So polished," Bob and I loved it all - your affection for Marian and her music showed throughout..."

Deacon Jim Jaworski - Church of the Annunciation, Elma, NY

"The crowd loved your trio, the music was terrific and you have a great gift to teach and explain. We would like to invite you back again in the spring." 


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